Orianne Zanone     






Painter, sculptor and making installation, Orianne Zanone studied at the fine art school of Lausanne (ECAL) from 2005 till 2009, she lives and works in Switzerland.

OZ showed frequently in many swiss cities, and participated in several collective exhibitions in China further to a residence of six months in Shanghai ( 2012-13 ).

In her artistic approach, OZ creates from the environment which surrounds her, she is particularly interested in the development of a project according to her situation and her history(story).

The increasing urbanization, the cohabitation between the nature and the city, old and modern, are themes which inspire her at present. The process of recycling is an integral part of her approach, the used of materials change according to places, countries or situations in which she works. An assembly of material playing with paradoxes: plastic, polystyrene confronted with the sweetness of the bamboo or the coolness of the metal, the transparent aspect / opaque, matt / bright, new / old ...

For her Paintings, OZ mixes diverse mediums, the acrylic paint essentially, the spray and diverse pens. Sometimes she sticks and integrates other material into the picture: stickers, plastics flowers ...

To finish, she revisits the frame, always interested in the mixture of what belongs to the past, revisited in our contemporary world. Therefore the use of frames sometimes found to the flea market then worked again or still the cheap frames "made in China".

    Me, my friend and the world, Espace culturel, Orbe (CH)
    Artmuc, artfair 2015, Munich, (DE)

    Artishow, Goumois (CH / F)
    Les Annonciades, Pontarlier, (F)
    Painting & Sculpture, Galerie Le Moulin 4, Courtelary, (CH)
    Espace-Temps, Cite du Temps, Geneva (CH)

    Pavillon Swatch, (project made by Swatch Group) Venice Biennale 2013, (IT)
    Heterotopies, Espace Culturel, Assens, (CH)
    Nur die harten in den Garten, Helmhaus/ Urgent Paradise, Zurich, (CH)
    Tentation de Chine, Red Zone, Geneva, (CH)
    Absurdistan, OV Gallery, Shanghai, China
    Reactivation, Fei Contemporary Art Center (FCAC), Shanghai, China
    Art Ignites Life, Zhuqizhan China
    Art Museum, Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai Changning District Library
    Live painting, Basel World, foire de l'horlogerie, Basel, (CH)
    Temple City, Barraquihna, Yverdon-les-bains, (CH)

    Residence in Swatch Art Peace Hôtel, Shanghai
    Borderless, SAS Shanghai Art Space, Shanghai
    Surge Shanghai 2012, Art Fair, Shanghai
    DAFF Festival, Painting live performance, Shanghai
    Paint & Jam, Atelier Ex-werner, Geneva
    Expo du Grenier, Tivoli, Lausanne

    Gaz à tout les étages, MAC 2011, Genève
    Accrochage Vaud 2011, Lausanne
    Gastronomie, Auberge, Baulmes
    Divergentes coexistences, Espace Noir, St-Imier

    Alchemy, Lokal-INT, Biel
    Kunst am Wasser, Kunst antlangder Aare, Berne
    Rodynam, la minoterie, moulin Rodynam, Orbe
    N VI, 6ème édition d′exposition d′art contemporain, CPLN, Neuchâtel

    Artistic performance with the music band La note étrangère, festival des Cropettes, Geneva
    Flon Street Painting, live painting performance, Lausanne
    Utopics, 11ème Exposition Suisse de Sculpture, Bienne, avec l′ECAL
    Schiz-an-eye, hôpital de Cery, Prilly

    Artists united against MGF, haut commissariat pour les réfugiés, Genève
    Gidom, Atelier du Magnolia, Lausanne

    Disco, Bleu Lézard, Lausanne

    Exposition photo, concours BCV, BCV, Lausanne

    2009 Bachelor of Arts HES-SO, ECAL, Lausanne
    2005 Diplôme, Artistic section, Gymnase de Chamblandes, Pully
    2002 Attestation preparatory year in Art School Têtard, Lausanne

    2005-2009 ECAL, Academy of fine Art of Lausanne, Switzerland
    2002-2005 Gymnase, voie diplôme, option artistique, Gymnase de Chamblandes, Pully
    2001-2002 Ecole d′art préparatoire Têtard, Lausanne